Top 5 weakest animals in Minecraft

Minecraft mobs come with a wide array of health points, ranging from around just one heart to over one hundred.

Lots of Minecraft mobs are interesting creatures that are unique to the game, but many of them are based on real life animals. Minecraft developers often add new animal mobs when they are on the verge of extinction to raise awareness of the issue, such as bees and axolotls.

When looking at the health of each Minecraft animal mob, the weakest of them also tend to be the smallest in size. Here are the top five weakest animals in Minecraft.

Image via Wonder Pets

Minecraft parrot mobs have just 3 hearts in total. These mobs are rare and can only be found in jungle biomes, which are notably one of the rarest in the game. Although the chances of finding a parrot are not very high, they are one of the few tameable mobs in the game.

Parrots also come in a variety of colors, so gamers who are able to find these mobs might be able to collect them all. However, players should be careful keeping parrots as pets, given that they are quite weak and could die easily.

Bats in Minecraft also have only 3 hearts. Bats spawn in areas of extreme darkness, which usually end up being in caves.

These mobs really do not have much use overall. Bats drop absolutely nothing when killed, not even a little bit of XP for players to collect. Having said that, these mobs pose no danger as they can be easily killed due to their distinct lack of strength and passive nature.

All Minecraft fish mobs (cod, salmon, pufferfish, tropical fish) have 1.5 hearts in Java Edition and 3 hearts in Bedrock Edition. So despite the fluctuation between platforms, they are still within the top five range of the weakest animal mobs.

Cod and salmon mobs are good food sources when cooked. An interesting feature is that pufferfish will inject poison into players which is quite debilitating. However, an alternative to that would be the tropical fish which can be found around coral reefs.

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