Spigot: How to Add Plugins to Minecraft Server

How To Add Plugins to Spigot

Plugins are add-ons to your Minecraft server, changing how you play the game. Minecraft servers are often shared with friends and others so they can join. With some plugins, you can add new features such as altered NPCs, in-game economy, and making everything in a part of the world indestructible.

Think of plugins as browser extensions, but for Minecraft servers instead of Google Chrome. Plugins don’t modify the game at all, as that is what mods do (hence the name). As such, plugins tend not to cause changes as radical as mods can.

Despite this, plugins are attractive due to their convenience. Installing mods will require you to change your copy of Minecraft in some way. Plugins instead only get installed on the server, so there’s no risk of altering your game files in a harmful way.

How to Add Plugins

To add plugins, you’ll need to access the server’s files. This will allow you to upload the plugins and add them. After this, a server restart will get the plugins up and running.

You can enter your server to check if your plugins are working. If not, you may have to download a new copy or try the installation process again. Occasionally, you also might have accidentally download the plugin for the wrong version of Minecraft.

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