Slime Kingdom – Merge Strategy

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◆Slime Kingdom – Merge Strategy
A free-to-play merge strategy defense game that you can enjoy to spare time!
Take advantage of the unique skills of slimes and stick them together to defeat your enemies!
Let’s go on a journey to conquer the world with Slime King!

◆How to Play
It’s very easy to play!
Place slime to protect the slime king from enemies!
If you stick the slimes together, the slime level will rise and you can strengthen the slime!

◆A strategic defense game full of replay elements
“Slime Kingdom” is a strategic defense game!
The important points are the formation of slime and the timing and judgment of merging slime!
Find the strategy that suits you and defeat the enemy with Slime King!

◆Many kinds of slimes
There are 32 types of slime! Each slime has its own skill. Let’s clear the stage with your slime party!
Also, if you collect slime, you can grow slime! Strengthen your slime and clear difficult stages!
Maybe you can meet the legendary slime “Dragon Slime” and “Thunder Slime” ?!

◆Infinite Dungeon(Endless Mode)
In addition to the normal stage, you can enjoy “Infinite Dungeon (Endless Mode)”!
Infinite dungeons (endless mode) will infinitely invade your enemies! Aim for the best record!
In the infinite dungeon (endless mode), you can get luxurious items (treasure chests, coins) according to your grades!

◆Idle game
Tap slime on the home screen to collect slime!
When you collect the treasure chest gauge, you can get treasure chests and coins!

◆Recommended for people like this
Likes tower defense games
Likes strategy games
Likes games with challenging elements
Likes brain games
Likes merge games
Likes casual games
Likes simulation RPGs
Likes games with dot pictures
Likes to play free games
Wants to play games with easy controls
Wants to play games that can be played in my spare time
Wants to play games that can be played in one’s spare time

◆Contact Us
Since “Slime Kingdom – Merge Strategy” is created by a single person, it may take some time for us to reply to your review or contacts. We appreciate your understanding.
We would like to create a game that you can enjoy, so we would be very happy to hear your opinions

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