Modders For Minecraft, WoW, And More Offered $50 Million Creator Fund

Modders For Minecraft, WoW, And More Offered $50 Million Creator Fund

Have you got an amazing idea about a game mod for Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, World of Warcraft, or GTAV? It may be time to get a pitch together, as one gaming company has stepped up to launch a first-of-its-kind fund solely dedicated to community-created gaming experiences.

Overwolf–an Israel-based tech platform that works with developers to build, distribute, and monetize in-game apps and mods–has today announced the Overwolf Creator Fund, which is putting $50 million on the table for those with new proposals for existing titles.

The new grant–which follows a similar initiative for mobile games announced earlier this month by MY.GAMES and Google–aims to assist mod authors, in-game app creators, and game studios that plan to integrate mods into new games. Alongside financial support, creative partners that successfully receive funding from Overwolf are being promised access to mentorship, acceleration, and marketing assistance.

Overwolf’s fund will also invest in studios creating new titles that plan to incorporate community-created mods into their games, as well as those creating new spin-offs for these developers, “to establish a strong two-sided marketplace.”
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Overwolf’s business model is based on revenue share with its network and will not charge creators upfront. In-game app creators will be given the choice to monetize their apps through subscription models or in-app ads, with promises from Overwolf that advertising is “not obtrusive to the game experience.”

For apps, creators get 70% of ad revenue versus Overwolf’s 30%. For mods, Overwolf includes the original game’s developers: creators get 50%, Overwolf takes 25%, and developers are awarded 25%.

“Everyone wins with community-created experiences,” said Overwolf CEO and co-founder Uri Marchand. “Gamers get in-game apps and mods that make gameplay more exciting; the creators of these in-game apps and mods can turn their passion into a profession, earning a sustainable income for their creations; and game studios enhance their games by outsourcing content creation to talented and passionate gamers, maximizing shelf life and engagement.”

The fund’s announcement follows significant investment into Overwolf from major entertainment organizations including Ubisoft, Intel, and Warner Music Group, alongside financial companies such as Griffin Gaming Partners, Liberty Technology Venture Capital, and Atreides Management.

As a result, investment from Overwolf into the creator community is also growing sharply. In 2020, the company paid $10 million to in-game creators; this year, Overwolf is projected to pay out $29 million.

“Simply put, community-created experiences are becoming a critical part of gaming, and developers will need to harness its power to thrive in the next era of games, Marchand added. “We are thrilled to […] lay the groundwork for a new era of participating in AAA game creation.”

If you’re a studio, mod developer, or in-game app creator with a great idea, you can put it forward for consideration at the Overwolf website.
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