Minecraft’s New Stony Peaks Biome Playable In Experimental Snapshot

An experimental Minecraft snapshot allows players to reach new heights with the game’s new Stony Peaks biome. The survival sandbox title was developed by Mojang and first released in 2009. Minecraft continues to receive support in the form of updates from Mojang.

The latest major piece of Minecraft content, Caves & Cliffs Update: Part 1, was released back in June. Designed to be a two-part expansion, Caves & Cliffs overhauls the survival title’s underground structures and high mountain biomes. Mining for resources is a huge part of the Minecraft experience, and the first part of the update went a long way towards expanding the underground worlds that are generated. Several new minerals, such as copper and amethyst, were added. Changes to the game’s cliffs include goats, which can traverse sheer rock with ease, and a spyglass which players can use to scope out their environment. Mojang continues to release experimental snapshots which allow players to test out new content being created for Caves & Cliffs Update: Part 2. July 13 saw the release of Update 1.18, a snapshot which changes spawn rates in caves by having monsters only spawn in complete darkness rather than any dimly lit area.

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A new Minecraft snapshot has been announced, and it will allow players to explore the new Stony Peaks biome. The third experimental snapshot released as a lead-in to Caves & Cliffs: Part 2. This update adds new features such as tweaked biome placements and structures. Red sand has been added back into the badlands biome, and Pillager outposts will appear in all new mountain biomes. Perhaps the most significant addition is the mountainous Stony Peaks biome, which is a variant on the snowy peaks already present in the game. Stony peaks will appear in and around biomes where snow would be inappropriate, such as jungles.

Minecraft is constantly being updated by Mojang, sometimes with small changes and sometimes with huge gameplay expansions. However, one particular build of Minecraft was lost until internet archivists were recently able to resurrect it. Minecraft Alpha 1.1.1 was recently discovered by users from Omniarchive who sought out the rarely-seen build. Alpha 1.1.1 was released by Mojang in September 2010, but a game-breaking glitch forced the developer to release Alpha 1.1.2 only three hours later. Internet archives revealed that a Twitter user had downloaded the update during that three-hour period, and Omniarchive users reached out and acquired the build.

Minecraft has grown to become a pop culture phenomenon, and the game maintains a large fanbase of dedicated gamers. Incremental snapshot updates allow players to try out exciting new changes to the game, and they allow Mojang to acquire both technical and critical feedback on upcoming updates. Stony Peaks may not be a massive change to Minecraft’s world generation, but they are an example of how Mojang is working to improve the game’s procedurally generated worlds.

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