Minecraft Quark Mod 1.18/1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2

Minecraft Quark Mod 1.18/1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2 (Vanilla Enhancing) goals to create an expertise akin to the “vanilla” expertise, by having a quite simple motto: something that will be added to Quark may be added to the default sport with out compromising its gameplay type. To that finish, each characteristic added to Quark is straightforward and small. Therefore the title of the mod, Quark, as a Quark is a really small factor. Quark is a Modular mod. Which implies that its options are break up inside numerous modules. All the modules could be disabled, and all of the options can be disabled individually if one desires to.



This module provides options to minecraft’s automation prospects.


Dispenser Planting

Dispensers can plant seeds on the right sort of soil.

This works for all overworld seeds, on Tilled Soil, Nether Wart, on Soul Sand, and Refrain Flower on Finish stone.

Obsidian Strain Plates

Strain Plates made with obsidian will solely set off when Gamers stroll over them.


This module provides new structural constructing blocks.


Hardened Clay Tiles

“Tile” type blocks for Hardened Clay and all colours of Stained Clay. They’ll all be changed into stairs and slabs, and look nice for roofs.

4 Blocks are crafted with a 2×2 of the respective Hardened/Stained Clay block.

Sugar Cane Blocks

A 3×3 of Sugar Canes creates a Sugar Cane Block. These could be changed into stairs, slabs and partitions. You too can flip them again into Sugar Canes, if you need.

Sandy Bricks

Bricks with a sandy tone, crafted with a Brick block and a Sand Block. They can be used for stairs, slabs, and partitions.


Thatch is created through a 2×2 of Wheat. It may be used for stairs and slabs or turned again into 4 Wheat.

Extra Stone Bricks

Stone Bricks for Granite, Diorite and Andesite. Crafted with a 2×2 of the Polished variant. All of them can be utilized for stairs, slabs, and partitions.

Bark Blocks

Log-type blocks with the log “bark” texture on all sides. Crafted with a 2×2 of the respective log. May be changed into partitions.

Polished Stone

Created with 2 Stone Slabs, equally to Chiseled Sandstone. Seems to be like the highest of the Stone Slab texture on all sides.

Carved Wooden

Carved Wooden is a cornerstone sort block for wooden, made with a 2×2 of the respective wooden slab.

Stairs, Slabs, and Partitions

Stairs, Slabs, and Partitions for a bunch of vanilla supplies: Stone, Granite, Diorite, Andesite, Finish Bricks, Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, and Darkish Prismarine.

Partitions for, apart from all of the earlier: Purpur, Bricks, Quartz, Sandstone, Purple Sandstone, and Stone Bricks.


This module provides new ornamental constructing blocks.


Lit Redstone Lamp

Combining a Redstone Lamp with a Redstone Torch creates a Lit Redstone lamp, that’s all the time emitting gentle.

Blaze Lantern

The Blaze Lantern is the fireplace equal of the Sea Lantern. Crafted with a + of Blaze Powder and Blaze Rods within the corners, like a Sea Lantern.

Paper Partitions

Paper Partitions use the “pane” look, which helps you to make fancy oriental type buildings. Because of the brand new 1.9 change that makes standalone panes appear like poles, they can be used to make makeshift “tiki torches”.

These are crafted with 3 Paper within the center row, and Sticks overlaying the remainder of the grid.

All The Trapdoors

This lets you make trapdoors of all wooden blocks moderately than simply Oak. It additionally adjustments the recipe to create 6 moderately than 2 trapdoors, since doorways make 3.

New Banner Motifs

New banner motifs could be made utilizing Dragon Heads, Eyes of Ender, Iron Swords, and Iron Chestplates, alongside the chosen colour of dye.


This module provides stock administration options.


F to Swap

Urgent F on an merchandise within the stock swaps it along with your off-hand merchandise, simply as if you happen to’d pressed F outdoors of the stock. This makes use of the identical keybind used for that goal.

Dropoff Button

A “Dropoff” button is added to the stock display screen. Urgent this button deposits all the things in your stock (not hotbar, armor or off-hand) in close by chests. The vary it shops in is just like the participant’s attain, so it received’t retailer objects in chests the participant can’t open. The closest chests are picked first.

If Shift is held, it shops objects in “good” mode, which means it’ll solely retailer objects in chests that have already got a minimum of one in all that merchandise.

Chest Buttons

Three buttons are added to Chest interfaces. From prime to backside, they do the next:

Extract all objects from the chest that you’ve got a minimum of one in all in your stock.
Deposit your total stock (not hotbar, armor or off-hand) within the chest.
Identical because the earlier, however in “good” mode.

Favourite Gadgets

Ctrl-clicking (or Cmd-clicking on a Mac) an merchandise will make it a “Favourite Merchandise”. Favourite objects usually are not deposited by the Dropoff button or the final two Chest buttons.


This module tweaks numerous gameplay components.


Indignant Creepers

Creepers flip purple after they’re about to blow up.

Protected Mounts

Mounts are resistant to assaults from riders. No extra taking pictures your personal horse!

Rooster Shedding

Chickens shed feathers periodically, equally to how they lay eggs.

Glass Shards

Glass drops shards. Stained Glass will drop shards of the respective sort. Crafting them in a 2×2 creates a Glass block again.

The shards act like Glowstone Mud, wherein Fortune will allow you to get extra, and Silk Contact will simply drop the block.

Ladder Sliding

When on a ladder, if not transferring or sneaking, wanting down can have you go down the ladder quicker.

Slabs to Blocks

Slabs could be transformed again to their respective blocks. These recipes are generated dynamically for each slab sort within the sport.

Within the case that there’s already a recipe of this kind (like Chiseled Sandstone), that recipe would be the one used for crafting.

Stairs to Blocks

Stairs could be transformed again to their respective blocks. Just like the earlier characteristic, these recipes are generated dynamically for each stair sort within the sport.

Correct Stair Math

Stairs make 8 moderately than 4. Why did they even make 4 within the first place? How does that even work? Anyway, this modifies each stair recipe within the sport.

Stackable Minecarts


Leap Enhance Step Help

Having Leap Enhance II in your character will assist you to go up 1 block excessive gaps, like Horses can.

Knock on Doorways

Left clicking a door with an empty hand can have you “knock”. This makes a little bit of a louder sound than if you happen to left clicked some other block, however nowhere as infuriating as opening and shutting it.

Efficient Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath is not going to go away behind a bottle when brewed with, so it doesn’t mess up all brewing automation methods.

Snow Golem Heads

Named Snow Golems geared up with a Pumpkin will drop a participant head with the identical title as theirs, if killed by a Witch.

Subtler Shields

Shields have been pushed again a bit, in order that they don’t dissipate as a lot of your display screen when geared up and never blocking.

Monster Notice Blocks

Notice Blocks with heads connected to their aspect will emit the respective mob’s sound as a substitute of a be aware.

Armed Armor Stands

Armor Stands positioned by the Armor Stand merchandise can have arms.

Burning Child Zombies

Child Zombies will die in daylight like their mother and father.

Signal Modifying

Proper Clicking a Signal enables you to edit it.

Greener Grass

Grass is greener on the Quark aspect. Biome colours are nonetheless revered, however are greener non the much less.

There’s additionally config choices to allow Alpha type grass, which supplies you the Minecraft Alpha vibe, or to manually set the grass colour.


This module provides self-importance options in your character.


Dyable Elytra

The Elytra could be dyed with any of the 16 dyes. You may dye it as many instances as you need.

Stair Chairs

Proper clicking a stair block going through up, with empty fingers, will allow you to sit down on it.

Firework Duplication

Empty Fireworks could be crafted with already made ones to duplicate them. This works like Banners, wherein the origin firework is not going to get used up.


Within the nook of the Chat menu there’s a button to open an emote panel with 10 completely different emotes your character can do. On this image, Alex is doing the “Wave” emote.


This module provides world technology options.



Basalt spawns within the Nether in giant clusters. It really works just like the overworld rocks (Granite, Diorite, and Andesite), and the recipes for it are related.

Combining Basalt with Quartz makes Andesite. Combining Cobblestone with Coal makes Basalt.

Underground Clay

Clay generates in patches underground, equally to Filth, albeit much less usually.

Guardians in Oceans

Guardians spawn naturally in Oceans, hardly ever.

Huge Mushrooms in Swamps

Huge mushrooms of each sorts will generate in Swamps, equally to the Console Version.

Default World Choices

All of the choices obtainable for the Personalized world sort could be tweaked within the mod’s configuration. These apply to the conventional world sort.

That is largely a modpack maker characteristic, as all these choices are already obtainable via the Personalized world sort.


Crafting Recipes:


Minecraft Forge

AutoRegLib (For Minecraft 1.10.2+)

The way to set up:


  • Ensure you have already put in Minecraft Forge and AutoRegLib (For Minecraft 1.10.2+).
  • Find the minecraft software folder.
  • On home windows open Run from the beginning menu, sort %appdata% and click on Run.
  • On mac open finder, maintain down ALT and click on Go then Library within the prime menu bar. Open the folder Utility Help and search for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you’ve got simply downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • If you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button you need to now see the mod is put in.



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