Minecraft mobs that should be updated

Minecraft wouldn’t be what it is without the creatures that roam around every generated world.

There are so many mobs in Minecraft, each with its own properties and functions within the game. Some can do lots of amazing things, while others could possibly leave a lot to be desired.

With every Minecraft update, new elements are added to enhance player experience. Sometimes, previously instated facets get revamped to enhance their influence. The Minecraft community is often vocal about what they believe should be upgraded as a collective, and mob functionality tends to be one of them.

Considering how dynamic some of the Minecraft mobs are, here are some that could potentially be made even better in future updates.

One of the most prominent fan-suggested features is the addition of better pet functions in Minecraft. The tamed wolf is the closest thing a player can get to a pet dog in the game, and many adore having these lovable mobs as pets. So, a dynamic upgrade to the wolf mob would be a great addition.

An upgrade could potentially include the ability to play fetch with tamed wolves by throwing sticks or bones. Many players also wish for interactive features involving their pet wolves.

In addition to all this, wolves only come in one color: white. This aspect of the mob is notably interesting for a few different reasons. First, real life wolves can come in various colors.

Second, the adjacent cat mob can come in a wide variety of color variations, unlike their canine counterparts. An upgrade to the wolf’s design alongside the implementation of new features would be great for the game.

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