Minecraft: How to Build an Underground House Mod

Minecraft: How to Build an Underground House Mod

Follow this step by step tutorial to learn how to build this simple yet stylish underground house in your own Minecraft world! Inside the house you can find crafting and smelting areas, a nether portal, an area for enchanting, a bedroom and room for storage.

Hi everyone and welcome to another
In this video I’m going to show you how to build an underground house which would make the
This house contains areas for crafting and smelting
Another possible bedroom and reinforced R8
Dispelled is perfect for beginners he wants to improve the skills or Eva people he would prefer to have a small underground house
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We will Begin by marking out the circle that will make up the main shape of the build in the ground he’s in Spruce plan
It will be 6:00 looks long on the sides joined together with full sets of teeth love
After you’ve knocked out the second-place free slots on top going all the way around to add some depth to the build
Side eye shown
Will do this fall times to create a cross that has a t blood Gap in between each of the sides
Now it’s free slaps on top of this to finish off the main outline
Has the belt
When she was done last we need to remove seven layers of the ground inside and directly underneath the border the sick
Make sure that you remove the ground underneath the spruce plants that we placed for the sickle outline
Underneath the spruce planks should not be visible from underneath
Play Spruce flops going all the way around the circle
Missing out the pots where the cross meets sides
This is to create the frame for the glasses going to make up the ceiling of the builds Waccamaw depth so that isn’t completely flat
After this tattoo Collins
The strip Taco clocks on each side of the circle
Place one block in front of the outline of spruce plug
If you took everything out correctly the column should be
V6 flux high in
Built these columns
Three more times so that each side of the circle have
This makes about feel more realistic and also it’s the extra bit of detail to it
Feather wall design inside the house removal aorta and replace with a ba drift dakak planks along the top and
The Boston with Spruce planks in the middle
How to color my strip dark oak logs in the middle of the wall sections watch more detail until it like it’s also provide
The parts of the Bell
Make sure that the walls follow the same shape is sasikala but set back by one block
Filling the Gap behind the column from Elliott with the same wall design
Now repeat this design for the other three remaining wall section
Once you’ve done the wall section remember to fill in the Gap behind the column and also Carry On The Wall going between them
Make sure to leave one of these sections between the columns empty though as will be building the entry and exit to the house and why
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Beldin a future video
In the gap between the columns that we left out mockout wet staircase Wilco that will lead in and out of the house
After this take out a t block-wide section in the floor shown in the Gap in between the columns together
To create a cross
Once you took out the cross in the floss glowstone
Choice in between the columns with spruced azzam
They’re filling the cross with Spruce flops
Shannon one block out from that on all sides
The column opposite the staircase does not need glowstone if that’s why the fossil will be
Chill in the middle of the cross with dark oak planks and then smooth out the colonists next to the spruce flaps to create a rounded bar
Now remove the ground in the sections that we have left and replace with oak plants with a body revoke says
All of the remaining sections will have the same floor design and Away 825 rooms will be go in
So do this for the other three section
To finish off the floor
If you like to see my Belton tutorials from me
How to get to my Instagram we’re opposed to finish shouts of all of my bills as well as other small built-in tutorials to help
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Finish of the final section of the flaw and we can move on to build in the staircase so you can easily get in and out of the house
Where we marked out the staircase leio going to build up by faucets of priests as then out of
Section of spruce plants at the top
After this
The left and right
I’ve chosen to make the staircase so that it takes up a bit less room compared to if it was a straight line going into the house
Once you fill the stairs at strips Taco in the Conners and at the bottom and top of the two sides.
My cases
Coming up one block above the surface as shown
Places to add more structure to the stairs and so that will also be able to build a railing around the top of the staircase on the sea
That face that you won’t fall down
Once you fill all of the columns at a Diet Coke flop on top to finish them off and then we’ll decorate the walls around the stack
Replace the ground in between each of the columns at the surface with Spruce plugs to create a border that goes around the stack
After this take out the section of wall in the middle I’m replace the spruce planks with upside Down’s Priestess so that doesn’t
Nice to transition
Bennett’s freeze plugs to the flaw on the walls and place a couple of grass blocks to create a plaintiff is some decoration
Play some Dokken slots at the top and have some spray stripped off to finish it off
For the walls that decides a dark oak planks next to the status
To create a border with a spaceplane can the remaining block
Repeat this on the opposite side of
After you come the walls that decides remove the ground next to the staircase leading into the house and up.
Next to the stairs again
With Spruce above and another docket Plunkett the top as this is Zapata from the main room
Finally at some upside down Spruce dad’s at the top to finish off
With that case
Will know what the glass into the ceiling of the Bells
Fill in each of the sections on the cross with glass
Placed on the same level as
The spruce plants that we place at the start of the Bell
I just use normal glass blocks hair but feel free to use stained glass blocks if you want something a little different
On the inside of the house
Create arches. Then one block below the top of the columns and going across the line of spruce planks in the ceiling
Build the app to season
Free slots to create full blocks that go up or down by half a block each time with two blocks in the middle
If Bill correctly that should be a block missing at the condo at 2 to watch his me
Will fill this in later
Now repeat me out designs for the other three sections
They’ll all be the same as what you’ve just felt so you can copy the possum from the
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Finish of the final section of arches and then we can move on so I didn’t the lightening
The censors the Bells
In the Conners where the block is Messi
Built down by two blocks using spree Splunk
On all sides
Then join them together across the bus and block going all the way around
To create a square
After this for me if the corner blocks again and replace them with Glowstone or another light block of choice as these won’t be visible
Set up some Spruce trapdoors to finish it off
Although the glowstone is covered by chopped off the light is still able to pass
Through making for great hidden life
Watson-scott chest above the glowstone that we placed in between the columns on the left and right-hand sides of the Bells
Then Anadarko clapperboard for some extra detail
In the remaining Gap in between the columns that directly opposite the staircase
Build a nether portal that fills the whole Space
Alternatively if you don’t want to parcel inside your house
You can just grab some bachata
Like Apostle using a flint and steel and then cover up the top section using screw stuff
Then go round to the sides and at 3 Spruce truck dolls to cover up the top half of the postulate
Will cover up the bottom half later
Finally at a couple of spruce fence gates in front of apostle
Stop anything from walking out of it
In the section to the right of the doorway will build the enchanted hour
Awesome lanterns on either side of the column and then Place bookshelves I shown to get the level 30 enchantment
I want somebody to talk I just for decoration so you don’t have to go out these if you don’t want
At some dark oak slabs on top of the bookshelves for some extra detail and then up the enchanting
Contable in the middle
In the Gap next to the columns at a cauldron with some leaves on top to create a bush and a grindstone

We will now move on sperian x
Today’s which will be the bedroom
Eidolon since on either side of the column again and then count 3 blocks away from it
Build a three-block high column using strip dark oak logs with a. Coates
Then Place Taco clunks in the passing shown to create the platform for the betsa go on and fill the gaps in
Woodstock kokstad
Next to the columns at some dark oak stairs with a plunk in the middle and a slap on top to create the head
Finally at a vets
In the space next to the bed build a shelf using a docket slop and stairs and Anonymous done
Then at the two but she’s next to the columns again using a cauldron into leaf
We can now move on to build in the crafting and smelting areas in the remaining section
Atlantans at the top again and then build a shelf coming out from the column and going across the wall using doc Oaks
Next to this bill to 3 block High columns using strips Bruce locks and other. Coates La Panza
Then up some barrels Baxter decoration and storage next to the middle column with a crafting table a smithing table
Brewing stand on the Shelf to finish it off
Finally at the two bushes against complete the Crafton area
As you can see the bush hit the path of the puzzle it was still showing
The last pilot we have left abilities this Melton area
Japatul onsens at the top and build the same shelf that we built in the Crafton area using dark oak slabs
Stripped Spruce log
After this up some barrels in the middle again and then place to fitnesses on either side with a smoker and a blast
Finally at the bushes and that is the whole of the Interior complete
I really hope that you like this design but feel free to change anything to make it suit you better
Just some finishing touches on the staircase you can have some flowers to the planter and a couple of torches to light it up
Now go outside and I believe flux around the entire circle to up some extra decorations the outside and to make it
Feel a bit monitor
If you prefer the underground house without the leaves around it then feel free to miss
Finally at some docket flops in between the columns that is sticking up around the staircase to create a barrier
So that you don’t follow
You can then use some bonemeal on the grass around the outside of the house to have some flowers
What is a finishing salt
And that is the entire underground house completed
I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this video on the bill
I just like to say thank you so much for watching this video I’m supporting my channel
It means a lot and I really appreciate you all
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Video: Minecraft: How to Build an Underground House [Easy Tutorial]

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