How to Install Minecraft Mods Easily & Quickly 2021 – 2022

How to Install Minecraft Mods Easily & Quickly 2021 – 2022

Hello YouTube I’m Evie reductions in welcome answer the video This is how to install Minecraft mods
For 2021 now my 2020 tutorial is a little amount
Dated so this 2021 tutorial is just going to clear the water
On how to install mods
For Minecraft that should work for all versions that come out
During 2021 if you have any problems at any point of this video and do not hesitate
To leave a comment down below and I will do my best to get back to you guys I’ve actually helped quite a number of P
People install mods
Just by helping them in the,
Also link to down the description I have a mods explained video that I created a little bit ago that goes real
Really in-depth on how well sort of Minecraft mods
Work so that video is actually super helpful and under
How to install a Minecraft mods and how that all works so if you have any problems I really recommend
Watching that video as well
But all of that said that the sartorial actually isn’t too difficult and I really think a lot of you guys will be able to do it
So without further Ado let’s get into the tutorial
So as you guys can see we are on my desktop here with the Minecraft
Now the first thing that we want to do is open up our Minecraft

Now as you guys can see the current version of Minecraft for me is 1.16 .5
So that is the version we’re going to install mods on today however of course during 2021 this
Version will update to at 1.17 we have to remember that compatibility for mods
Correlates with the Minecraft version we are running so if we want to install Acer mod we have to make sure that
We’re installing it on the same version of Minecraft
Better requires
So for example if I want to install a mod for 1.16 .5 it has to be a 1.6
V mod
Now let’s continue on the top of this a Minecraft launcher window next to play we have something called installations if we click on
On this
We can see here is our latest release that was selected
Did for playing back in the play section
Don’t we’re going to be doing today is installing another
Sort of little of Minecraft installation here that is going to be Armada.
In this specific Minecraft modloader or Minecraft version is going to be called Forge
I’m using a Ford for the sartorial because
Forges the most
Modloader out there right now in a lot of popular mods
Use Minecraft Forge so I think that’ll
Cover most people watching this however the installation process is actually extremely similar
For installing other modloader
You just have to figure out what modloader you require for this
Specific mod
It should be on that whatever page your mod is on that you want to download this is the example mod that I’ve decided to
Install for you guys today this is aquaculture at 2
It is updated to 1.16 .5 which is the game version that we are going to install for today
And all this modest on curseforge and I really highly recommended this website to get all of your Minecraft mods
But as you can see on curseforge if we go to the final section
This is essentially we’re all of your at downloads are going to be including the main file that they recommend you download Butler
But I want install this for 1.15
Here’s a one-point
Marty want to install at this point of the tutorial just because we want to make sure that it is going to be compatible with the
Minecraft version that we need for the mod so now this example mom that we want install aquaculture to
Minecraft version 1.16 .5 we have to make sure that we run Minecraft 1.16
Alright so we loaded up a Minecraft 1.16 45 and then we can just quit the game now if you want to do this
For a different version of Minecraft all you have to do is go up here
Click on it new and then click on a version and then select the version of Minecraft that your mod requires
So for example if we needed 1.12 we click on this
Just name it
And then just click create
And then we’d have to click play
Checkmark I understand the risks and then
Click by
And it will download and install of the 1.12 files
So the reason that we have to load up
The specific Minecraft version that Armada
Is because we have to make sure that those files are downloaded and installed for when we actually install our modloader
AK in this case a Minecraft
So for example if we needed to install mod for 1.7.10
Download and run a 1.12
To install Forge for 1.12
Install our Womp
So now we can actually move on at 2 at downloading Minecraft
Now as you guys can see we are on the
Forge website here and
Over here on the left
Hand side we can
Can see all of these
Different Minecraft
That we have my
Ford four
Surf course
If we had 1.12 mod we would go down here and download
Minecraft Forge
Download and install this
At least some of you might not be
UC Minecraft
Runs in Java I’m sure a lot of
You guys know that job is a
A programming language.
Is created in
And when you download and install Minecraft new Minecraft launcher comes with its own little Java
That Minecraft
Redskin runoff
However to install Forge weenie
Need to use Java to run the forging
The forge installer can’t use
The Java that comes
Unfortunately so we have to download
But separately
So if you guys click the link download
Description below you will be brought
To this page
Right here this
The Java download page
Again all of the download links that I’m providing you guys are completely
Be safe there all down in the
Different below nice
Some labeled for you guys
So all you have to do is go to this page
Click agrian Start free download this is
This is not a scam filed
The Java installer
Required to ensure
Install Minecraft mods
As you can see
Down in the bottom left-hand
Corner of this is
The Java
Installer Wii
Run the installer
It’s going to pop up with this little window that’s a yes or no
Are you guys want people to see cuz my recorder can’t pick it up but you
Yes bun
Continue the
Java installation
Bring up the
This little Java window right here
We’re just going to click in
Stall them
Going to load up
Just a little Java
Window right here
And that should say you’ve seen
Installed Java
We can now quit
Close that we can go back to our Minecraft Forge page and a download and then
Install my
Minecraft for
So again
Whatever version of Minecraft that your mom requires
SKS ours is
Is 1 points
You click
You’re then going to be bronze
This page you might see a big
Download button right in the center of this
This page you do not want to click this
This is a fake download ad
You might install something on your pee
Peace you don’t want and not even download your
Your mod
So don’t cook any download buttons that are in the center of the page you’re going to want to go up
Top right-hand corner here and click
Skip button
And then your file will start to download here
As you can see it says this type of file can harm a computer do you want to
Keep it anyways
That’s just be
Because it’s a Java file
It’s always going to say then
Safe download
You’re going to want to click the keep button
And as you can see it’s going to finish downloading
So we want to do now is
Click on that file
However if you click on that file and it doesn’t open into this in
Installer what you’re going to need to do is open up your file
And navigate
To your downloads
As you can see here is
The forge installer that we downloaded
You’re going to right click it go down to open with and then click
But that’s only if
You double-click it after downloading it in dozen
Indirectly open
So from here we’re going to make sure that our Minecraft is
Is close your Minecraft launcher
Is closed
And then we’re going to click okay to win
Storm the
Keyforge Klein
So we shouldn’t say successfully installed
Client profile Ford 4 version
So now our Minecraft Forge is actually
Installed on our Minecraft launcher
You can close out of the forge page and go back nor Minecraft launcher here
If you click over to installations
Should see
Ford right here of them
And by the way we’re going to
Installations Page and her Minecraft launcher open for the
The time being
No we actually want to go ahead and it download our mod
So as you guys can see here we are at all
Aquaculture to as Armand want to download
Again this is on curse
Link crew
Or just a great mod
Website for
From Minecraft
So to download this
We’re just going to go over here at 2 and the right hand side and there’s a download button
Well then take us to this page
In our download should you
Just start automatically
Down here in the corner that’s all we have to do we do nothing
Click anymore
As you can see it down in the bottom left
Corner it downloaded
Aquaculture 2
For Minecraft
Achy pain
So now we can do is
Sort of a grab our
Web browser window herewith are downloaded file
And we cannot drag this jar file to a desktop
Just so we can ask
Keep track of it because we do have to move this file
Into a folder
You can also minimize
If you want
So back into our Minecraft launcher under installations we’re going to go over to
To forge
Fiverr whatever Forge
One point whatever Minecraft version you are running
Want to go over next
To play you should see this a little of file icon right here we’re going to click that
In this is going to open up our up.
Minecraft folder
This is basically where all of your Minecraft files are
And you should see a folder in here
Call the monster
No uppercase or anything
Thing like that just
Mods all one word
If you don’t see the
This folder you can
Actually go ahead
Go down to New
And a new folder and then just name it Mods

Right here with no
Uppercase or anything
Like that just one more
And all that will be your mods folder when I want to double click into this mods folder
This is essentially where you’re going to put all of your own Minecraft mod so here’s our aquaculture
Kumon we just
Downloaded from the website and drags
Ford us. We’re going to drink that
Right into your Minecraft mods folder
And that is essentially this mod in
So we can minimize this folder here
And click play on Minecraft
For just going to give us a warning
We’re in a click I understand the risk
And then we’re going to click
Play now we should load up our Minecraft
With aquaculture to
And here as you guys can see we have actually
Come across an error
This sometimes won’t happen but sometimes it does
However a quick reload fix
That that’s just because
This is technically a forge beta for Mom
Just a random crash
As you can see it’s actually loaded in
Correctly now
So is he
Can see if we just load up into a world really quick
We actually have aquaculture installed as you can see we have all the app
Cultural things all of the different items
That is all
Loaded up at nicely in
The game so yes the mod has now been in
Stalled I think your room for watching I hope this tutorial
Help you guys out
Again if you have any problems at all during this installation
Please do not hesitate to leave.
A comment down the gist
I’ll see if I can’t
Make it back to you guys
And help some of you guys out with
With any problems
Might have an again and make sure to
To check out that other mods
Explained video I have
That will greatly about a lot of
People I feel
And again old links are at down the
I’m Evie Productions
Thank you for watching
And I won’t say
See you guys
Next time

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