A Minecraft builder has recreated the entire Breath of the Wild map

We’ve seen plenty of videogames recreated inside Minecraft, including Doom, Half-Life, The Witcher, and Stardew Valley. Minecraft game-inspired builds tend to focus on one particular area for their inspiration, but builder Dinaeh has gone above and beyond, deciding to recreate the entire map from Breath of the Wild. From the screenshots shared so far, it looks incredible.

Uploading their work to Reddit, Dinaeh has built the whole map complete with each region. You can see the desert area to the southwest, the icy north, the green valleys in the middle, and of course the bubbling volcano in the northeast.

Dinah is planning on releasing the entire map online, allowing players to freely explore it, but first they’re adding towers, shrines, and even custom NPCs. I can’t wait to jump in with some Minecraft shaders and texture packs when it’s live.

You can follow Dinaeh’s updates on their Reddit profile but for now, here are some more screenshots of the build so far:

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