5 best Minecraft biomes to practice building

5 best Minecraft biomes to practice building

It is not an uncommon occurrence for Minecraft players to polish their building skills. Unfortunately, the best way to get better at building is to build more. Anyone who has played Minecraft likely knows that building in some biomes is easier than others.

Throughout the learning process, players are recommended to practice in the easiest biomes possible to focus more on their building, and not the environment. Listed below are five of the best Minecraft biomes to practice building.
Top 5 Minecraft biomes to practice building
5) Badlands

Although not the best, the Badlands biome is a good place for players to test out new builds.

The biome is mostly flat, with a few hills thrown in for good measure, but it is also a beautiful one that may complement the players’ builds.

While the flatness of this biome is great for building, its harsh climate makes it quite difficult for survival players to thrive in.
4) Desert

Similar to the badlands, the desert is a decent biome for practicing building.

In fact, the desert is a better choice as it is considerably flatter than the hilly badlands. These biomes are still quite harsh for survival players due to the lack of food and water.

However, players in creative mode will have no issues building in the desert biome.
3) Plains

Plains biomes are one of the best to practice building in for many reasons.

Plains are one of the flattest biomes in the game, and are home to the uncommon Horse mob. In addition to this, plains biomes will often contain small pockets of water, which is necessary for players looking to build a farm.

Unlike deserts and badlands, these biomes will often have trees nearby to allow for resource collection. Survival players will have a much better time practicing in plains biomes due to the high mob spawns, which grant food.
2) Mushroom Fields

While mushroom fields biomes are extremely rare, they are also very easy to practice building in.

These biomes provide flat lands with a bunch of giant mushrooms scattered about. The best feature of the mushroom fields biome is that hostile mobs will not spawn here. Survival players can continue building through the night without fear of being blown up by creepers.
1) Superflat World

While it is not technically a biome, a superflat world is the best way to practice building in Minecraft.

With a consistent height, superflat worlds allow Minecraft players to build to their heart’s content without having to worry about terraforming.

The only downside is that players won’t know how their build would look in an actual biome, which may pose some problems.

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